Boca Cubes

First out in our range are 10 gram cacao cubes developed as a “healthy espresso”. Each cube is made of 4-5 fine flavour cacao beans that have undergone a post-harvest processing to ensure the maximum amount of active ingredients and the sweetest most complex flavour.

Mix the cacao cubes with water using a blender, frother, whisk or shaker for a naturally creamy, healthy and insanely satisfying cacao drink. Drink it straight or customize it the way you like it.


A note on our sourcing:

We work with farmers who in the mountainous region of Colombia have gone from growing cocaine to growing cacao. Our concept “a healthy high” is thus not only a switch on our market, the city, but also on the farm it’s from. 

A note on the beans:

Cacao beans are a delicious superfood, naturally rich in antioxidants, minerals and energy-boosting compounds. In the shamanic world it’s celebrated as a natural heart opening medicine and a connector to nature.

After understanding the structure of the bean, the potency of it and that it would take only water to make a naturally sweet and creamy drink we spent 2 years searching and sampling cacao beans from all over the world before finding the right beans and designing the post harvest technique that makes the Boca beans so special.

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